We checked out Google’s Cloud OnBoard 2019 in Melbourne

Last week I attended Google’s “Cloud Onboard” program in Melbourne. This was a full day, instructor led technical training program designed to help understand Google’s Cloud Platform.

It was great to see the bubbling interest in this emerging technology with over 2500 in attendance (and more importantly beating the Sydney turnout 😏 )!

Key components were: Big Query (an enterprise data warehouse – enables interactive analysis of massive datasets), AI and Machine Learning. Some data protection aspects were covered as well. I found the session to be a great refresher of these rapidly evolving areas. Attendees also got to know about the latest in how organizations are leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning to solve real-life problems.

This included the health and education sectors which have a growing ecosystem of start-ups in Melbourne – there are now fascinating use cases where AI-assisted teaching platforms have made a positive impact towards better learning (especially in STEM areas) and health. Innovative newcomers to the sector like Thinkster (uses AI to track a student’s thought process through a problem, which is then recorded, analyzed and used to recommend how the teacher can best approach concerns) and Century Tech (studies student engagement/responses to help educators understand how their students learn) surfaced as ones to follow.

Similarly Brisbane startup Maxwell Plus is developing an AI platform for data-driven clinical diagnostics. The company’s application for doctors is currently able to analyze MRI images for signs of prostate cancer. The team is developing its algorithm to also detect breast cancer, lung diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.

While the market in Australia may not yet possess the culture and technical readiness to adopt or invest in such areas – these were exciting developments to learn about, knowing they are challenges/opportunities we will all tackle in the near future.

research.google.com is also a great place to start reading up on these subjects. These free resources have led to the inception of hundreds of new businesses to-date!

Also, if you are interested in trying a little machine learning exercise (no coding required!!), this is an experiment attendees at Cloud Onboard were introduced to: https://teachablemachine.withgoogle.com

written by Niro (Digital Marketing Specialist at The Digital Envoy)