URLs: Encode & Decode

Customised URL strings are a great way to improve a user journey by helping you pre-populate fields on web forms and allows you to capture information that you have appended to a URL.

What is a URL parameter?
This is simply a way to pass information about a click-through on a URL.

  1. Click Encode or Decode below the box.

  2. Enter the string of text which you want to encode or decode.

  • Handy for turning encoded JavaScript URLs from complete gibberish into readable gibberish.


You run a subscription box service. You are sending an email to your subscribers and offering a sneak peek of your new range of products.

To be the first to access these – your subscribers need to click-through your email’s call-to-action (in this case, an ENCODED URL) and sign up on your landing page.

You want to have certain fields pre-populated for them (creating a better user experience).

The image below shows an example of how this may appear: