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Social Marketing

Social media is often the first point of contact for consumers when seeking solutions – allowing current and potential consumers with an opportunity to speak directly with your business in a public forum; however, if managed poorly, this can easily tarnish a good brand or reputation.

At The Digital Envoy, our social strategies are designed to extend brand engagement and build relationships with your customers.

It is now time for SMEs to note that strong advocacy campaign can pay the bills. We work with all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and more).Our social campaigns aim to develop loyal and captive communities, generate web traffic and lead to greater sales. Our services will further include:

  • Social Media Content Development

  • Sentiment Analysis Benchmarking (providing competitor insights, highlighting trends and analysing mentions online to record brand sentiment)

  • Social Monitoring (continuous social media monitoring with insights collected from off-site data)

  • Community Management


Pay Per Click + Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you looking for new customers?

Do you want to broaden your reach?

   We can devise highly targeted, and relevant PPC campaigns are designed to get your business viewed by potential customers actively looking for similar products and/or services.

The advantage to PPC advertising is the ability to reach top of search results in a matter of hours – not weeks or months, through a combination of search relevance, campaign building and your budget.

SEO is a long term strategy and it can take longer time to generate real results for your business. Many businesses find that running a pay per click advertising campaign simultaneously can help bridge the gap and ensure business continues as usual.

Our keyword strategies and phrases deliver active customers to your landing page while we create efficiencies to drive down your costs (broadening your reach while lowering your cost per click).


Email Marketing

Present day customers deal with an abundance of information every day. It is also easier than ever now to “tune out” the information they find irrelevant to them. Hence the good old “batch and blast” campaigns to untargeted lists will not be effective and nor will it make a positive impression on your brand.

Customers who are digitally-savvy prefer personalized, relevant communication from you.

To keep up with these expectations you must know:

  • What kind of email will cater to their attention span and informational needs?

  • How do you give offer a personalized feel through your mail-outs?

  • How can you engage your audience?

We can help build your communication strategy on this platform as well as constantly improve the channel’s performance with the use of targeted metrics.


Search Engine Optimization

Your website is only as good as the people it reaches, and successful businesses understand this power of the web!

   You may be a small start up seeking exposure, a medium sized business gearing up for the next level of growth, or even a larger organisation seeking to increase volume/market share.

We aim to tailor our SEO campaigns to your needs (and your budget!). We will deliver qualified and targeted traffic.

Our open and engaging nature allows you to have full visibility via our easily understood SEO reports and analysis.

Whether we are undertaking a large scale SEO strategy or a determined but small local business striving to hit page one, we will work alongside your needs and get you results.

We are aware of Goolgle’s new algorithem changes and we prepare our keyword strategies accordingly. With the Digital Envoy taking care of your SEO, you can focus your attention on running the core activities of your business.



We are in the Content Era! Brands are expected to tell a story. Not merely throw information at the masses. Make sure your brand communicates the right message at the right time, to the masses, and cuts through the content clutter.

We create, and curate smart, relevant and useful content that is strategically aligned with what your consumer will find valuable.

We align our content with our SEO strategies to amplify the right message at the right time while increasing targeted traffic and stimulating brand engagement.

Our content marketing campaigns aims to not only generate traffic but the RIGHT traffic.



Not all businesses operate at a scale feasible enough to sign up for long-term marketing/business support services.

The Digital Envoy can train your staff on all things Digital Marketing. This can be arranged on site and a custom training program will be arranged depending on your current level of expertise and business model.


Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding Campaigns – The Digital Envoy

From Campaign Design, Content Creation and Branding to your press release and distribution. We stand by best practice in creating and promoting campaigns for Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


big analytic data 1

Customer and Marketing Analytics

We drive insights that convert browsers into buyers and customers into advocates of your brand

big analytic data 2

Customer Service and Sales Analytics

Aimed at identifying opportunities and improving your overall customer service through insights and technologies that drive value, customer retention and efficiency.


Data Cleaning, Mining, Analysis and Visualization

We can identify value-adding abnormalities, trends and relationships within your data by whatever means necessary – regardless of of the size of your data sets or their current state – we will clean it up and bring value!

Our visualisations and reporting focus on how to best reflect your data and bring clarity to the investigation.

big analytic data 4

Data Warehousing and Security

With vast amounts of your business intelligence locked in silos, do you have a way to ensure that data is available when and where it’s needed?

Our services offer collaboration and enterprise wide scalability with custom designed data loss prevention solutions that leverage your existing infrastructure.



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